a Northeast Chi Alpha Campus Ministries Staff Leadership Event


Thursday, June 20


10:00-11:30 Sam Houston Team Session #5

11:30  Stories & Prizes

12:00 pm  Lunch in the Erie First Gym

2:00  Matt Sprenger’s Vision

2:30-3:45  Sam Houston Team Session #6

4:00-4:45  Staff Discussion Groups #2

4:45-5:00  Stories & Prizes

5:00  Parents can pick up their kids at the XAMK area

5:30  Dinner in the Erie First Gym

7:00  Commissioning Service* at The Summit Auditorium

  *There will be a XAMK experience during this time for kids 4-12.

8:45  Dessert at The Summit


Friday, June 21

Departures by 10:00 am.

If you are at Sparrow, return your room key to the lockbox. In Family First, turn in your key at the front desk.

Safe travels.

Incite: Mike Olejarz 617-750-6334is492@aol.com


Church Site: Joel Schreiber  814-449-9400


XAMK: Lindsay Banton 804-994-4099


Family First: Mike Olejarz 617-750-6334 Room 105


or Sarah Fletcher 540-454-0271 Room 201


Sparrow AirBnB: Mike Godzwa 202-422-6756 Room 22


or Matt Sprenger 304-617-6566 Room 23