a Northeast Chi Alpha Campus Ministries Staff Leadership Event

General Information

The Incite Exec Team is grateful you have registered and are preparing to be at INCITE 2021! We’ve been praying for an incredibly impactful week of learning, growing, building relationships and renewing friendships, and forming and deepening our convictions for missionary service in the Northeast.


Nine Pieces of Important Information c/o INCITE:


1) Location: Erie First A/G, 8150 Oliver Rd, Erie, PA 16509


INCITE starts with an outdoor dinner on Monday, June 21 (see #3 below), and concludes with our commissioning service from 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday, June 24. A dessert party will take place after the service on Thursday night. All departures should take place on Friday morning, June 25.


2) Check-in: INCITE check-in runs from 2:00-5:30 pm on Monday, June 21 at The Summit, the youth center at Erie First A/G. When you arrive at the main entrance to the church, please follow our signs to the welcome/check-in area. You will receive a staff welcome bag, with instructions on your housing, and a conference schedule.


3) Monday Dinner: The opening cookout takes place at 5:30 pm on Monday, June 21, at The Summit, an Erie First A/G building, 100 yards from the main church building. Breakfast, lunch**, and dinner will take place in the Erie First A/G cafeteria/gymnasium on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Note: If you get delayed enroute to INCITE on Monday, June 21, contact Matt Sprenger, 304-612-6566.


All meals will be pre-packaged for a grab-and-go scenario. Weather permitting, we hope to serve lunch** at The Summit on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We will have picnic tables outside of the Erie First gymnasium for outdoor dining for breakfast and dinner (weather permitting).


4) Housing: The rooms we will stay in are at the Sparrow Complex (an AirBnb approximately 6.5 miles from the church) and/or The Wingate Hotel (right next to the church). We will notify the folks staying at either so you know what to expect. If you are staying at the Sparrow Complex, you may want to bring an extra towel or two for your room. Bring your own soap and toiletries.


At the Wingate, you can leave your “do not disturb” sign on your door, and no housekeeper will clean your room. If necessary, you can go down to the front desk for new towels. They will have coffee in the lobby and a grab-and-go breakfast option. The Wingate Hotel also has a lobby level meeting room that we have reserved for the week. Plan to use it as a hang-out space to visit with others, play board games (that you bring, etc.). There is a walking path from the Wingate to the church next door, so you can leave your car at the hotel and walk to INCITE.


Last, please plan to leave a tip for the hotel cleaning staff at the Wingate. $2.00 a day is suggested.


At the Sparrow Complex, we have 16 rooms reserved. Each room has full sized beds (and/or some twin size ones), and full sets of linens. All the rooms have their own sink, toilet, and bathtub/shower. Each room has a box outside of it with a code to access the room keys. The code will be given to you at check-in. Most rooms will have a box-sized refrigerator in it, or have a fridge in the hallway that serves one or two rooms. If you want fresh linens mid-way through INCITE, you can leave them outside your room, and the Sparrow housecleaning team will leave a fresh set outside your room when you return. You may want to bring a sturdier towel or two for your use.


Last, please plan to leave a tip for the cleaning staff at Sparrow. $2.00 a day is suggested.


5) You can read our current Covid protocols HERE.


6) The Beach: We are planning on dinner at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, June 22, at a Beach Pavilion we have rented at Lake Erie, thirty minutes from the church. Bring swimwear, beach towels, and whatever you need to enjoy the evening with us. If bad weather appears, we will switch the Beach night to Wednesday night.


Note: We will leave the church at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 22, to drive to the beach, so bring your beach stuff with you on Tuesday when you come to INCITE. Those of you who will staying at the Sparrow Complex will not have time to run back to once the INCITE sessions conclude at 4:45 pm.


To get to the beach site we have reserved, put Rotary Pavilion, Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA 16507 into your maps app and you will get directions from Erie First.


7) XAMK: Parents who are bringing their kids to INCITE will need to meet with Kayhla Colazzo, XAMK coordinator (and children’s pastor at Erie First A/G), and Lindsay Banton (from UConn Chi Alpha, who is our XAMK liaison) at 6:30 pm on Monday, June 21, to handle check-in procedures for Tuesday morning. The meeting will take place in the XAMK Nursery at The Summit, where the Monday dinner will be held. You will get a reminder at check-in.


XAMK areas will be cleansed daily. Hand sanitizing stations will be available.


Participants will also be separated into three groups.  Groups will have individualized learning and activity time to minimize risk and exposures.  Those ages are listed below.

Preschool Group: Birth through age 5

Elementary Group: Completed Kindergarten through entering 5th Grade **

Middle School Group: Entering 6th Grade through Completed 8th Grade **


** These groups will be combined for outdoor time.


Kayhla and her team will lead our XAMK experience. The XAMK experience will run from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (including the commissioning on Thursday night). If you registered and are bringing your kids, but haven’t heard from Lindsay, her contact info is below.


8) Back by popular demand will be our daily contests (with prizes), and, the InterVarsity Press book table. Sarah Fletcher has selected dozens of titles we believe will be of interest and value to you. We get 40% off the cost of the books at INCITE. Plus, first timers to INCITE get a free book from IVP, courtesy of Mike O.


9) Contacts:

For XAMK questions: contact Lindsay Banton, lindsaybanton@gmail.com, 804-994-4099.

For INCITE info, contact Mike Olejarz, is492@aol.com, 617-750-6334.

If you get delayed enroute to INCITE on Monday, June 21, contact Matt Sprenger, sprengerxa@gmail.com, 304-612-6566.

For emergencies, contact Mike, Matt, or Joel Schreiber, joels988@gmail.com, 814-449-9400.


Safe travels to INCITE 2021!


Incite: Mike Olejarz 617-750-6334is492@aol.com