a Northeast Chi Alpha Campus Ministries Staff Leadership Event

June 17 - 20, 2019

New Location: Erie First Assembly, 8150 Oliver Road, Erie, PA, 16509

Primary Teaching Team:

Eli & Mary Gautreaux

Jason Bell

Faith Robinson

Times, students, and the landscape of ministry change, but there are core convictions that guide us and help us from getting lost in the forests of ministry fads and fashions. Our Core Convictions help us to focus and to say "No" to distracting trails that steal away from the limited time we have with students. The Sam Houston State Chi Alpha team will be sharing their experiences, exploring Scripture, leading discussions, and guiding workshops to help us Discover, Develop, and Discharge our Core Convictions that chart our course.

Special Guests:

Alex & Abby Rodriguez

National Training Director

Mike Olejarz 617-750-6334 is492@aol.com